Kevin Ciccotti - May 27

05/27/21 07:30 AM - 09:00 AM PT

Admission: $Free - WIN Members - Zoom
$20 - Non-WIN Member - Zoom
$Free - Gold Member - Atlantis
$20 - Silver Member - Atlantis
$45 - Guest - Atlantis
Location: Atlantis Casino Resort Spa
3800 S. Virginia St

When it comes to career, success, relationships, happiness, and a fulfilling life, what’s the one thing that makes the biggest difference in a person’s ability to attain those? This past year has tested all of us, and pushed us way out of our comfort zones. But there are many who, despite facing the same challenges, would look back on this year and say it was amazing. How is that possible?


In more than a decade of working with hundreds of clients and speaking to tens of thousands around the world, Kevin is convinced that one of the most significant aspects of a successful, happy life is a person’s mindset. Think about it. Your mindset determines how you see yourself, others, and the world around you. It even determines what you think is possible. If that’s the case, then how do we build a strong mindset?


In this presentation, he'll explore the key distinctions of what constitutes a weak versus a strong mindset. Then he’ll share some of the best practices for cultivating an unshakable mindset; a mindset that will allow you to feel in control of your emotions and able to face almost any situation. It could be the difference between feeling stuck, staying exactly where you are, and getting the life you’ve always aspired to.

This month you'll have the choice between virtual meeting attendance option via Zoom or an in-person meeting at the Atlantis.

In order to respect the Atlantis' protocols while also protecting the health guests and employees, some of the registration, check-in, food service and event details will be different. We're asking for your flexibility, patience and compliance. 

WIN will be following the guidelines currently in place set forth by the local jurisdictions and by the state. Here are a couple of specific things to note:

  • Masks are to be worn - covering the mouth and nose - for the entire meeting unless you are actively eating or drinking - even if you’re vaccinated.
  • We will have strict social distancing in place - there will be three seats allowed at each table. Please don’t pull chairs up or ask for exceptions. The Atlantis has been a patient partner to WIN throughout the pandemic and we want to support them by respecting the guidelines they are required to follow.
  • WIN will be serving breakfast, however it will be a plated meal that will be served to you once you're seated.  
  • Because we are getting plated meals now, your RSVP is more important than ever! If you don’t have an RSVP, you don’t have a seat at the event or a meal to eat. We will not be able to easily accommodate walk-up registrations. Walk-up registrants will be subject to a higher admission price - regardless of membership status.
  • We ask you to be respectful of one another as we come back together. Maybe you’re fully vaccinated and masked-up and ready to hug or shake hands, but that doesn’t mean that everyone is. In order for us to continue to grow our in-person events back to pre-pandemic levels, we must acknowledge that we are all still in different phases of re-entry. 

Most importantly, watch your emails and check our website and social accounts for current information - things might change over the next month, so check those channels frequently.  

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